14 Surprising (And Funny) Things We Forgot To Teach Our College-Bound Kids

Sending kids off to college is often an exciting and bittersweet moment for parents. While it’s a time to celebrate their independence and embark on an exciting new chapter of their lives, it can also be nerve-wracking to think about all the things they might not know or be prepared for. As we anxiously write down lists of things to pack and advice to give, there are always a few surprising and funny things that we realize we forgot to teach our college-bound kids. So, here are 14 of those surprising and funny things that may have slipped our minds.

1. How to properly do laundry: It seems silly, but many kids are clueless when it comes to sorting clothes, using the right amount of detergent, and avoiding that dreaded pink sock mishap.

2. Basic cooking skills: Sure, they can whip up some instant noodles, but do they know how to cook a meal from scratch? Teaching them a handful of simple recipes can go a long way in their college survival.

3. Money management: With newfound freedom comes the responsibility of managing their own finances. Budgeting, saving, and avoiding credit card debt are all essential skills that might go overlooked.

4. Time management: College life can be overwhelming with classes, social activities, and part-time jobs. Teaching them how to prioritize and efficiently manage their time can prevent stress and burnout.

5. The importance of sleep: Late nights and early mornings are a common occurrence in college, but reminding them that sleep is essential for healthy functioning can spare them from exhaustion and poor academic performance.

6. How to navigate public transportation: Many campuses rely heavily on public transportation, and teaching them how to navigate buses, trains, and other forms of transportation can help them get around campus and the city more easily.

7. How to advocate for themselves: In college, they’ll encounter situations where they need to speak up for their rights or seek help when needed. Teaching them how to advocate for themselves is a valuable skill they’ll carry with them throughout life.

8. The art of small talk: College is all about networking and making connections. Teaching them how to engage in small talk and build meaningful relationships can open doors to new opportunities.

9. How to handle rejection: Whether it’s rejection from a job, internship, or a romantic interest, teaching them how to handle disappointment and bounce back is an important life skill.

10. Basic home repairs: From changing a lightbulb to fixing a leaky faucet, teaching them a few basic home repair skills can save them from unnecessary expenses or relying on others for help.

11. The value of self-care: With the hustle and bustle of college life, it’s easy to forget about taking care of oneself. Teaching them the importance of self-care and finding healthy coping mechanisms can help them maintain their mental and physical well-being.

12. How to manage stress: College can be overwhelming, and stress is inevitable. Sharing stress management techniques like meditation, exercise, or journaling can help them cope with the pressures they’ll face.

13. Professionalism and workplace etiquette: As they start internships and prepare for future careers, teaching them about professional behavior and workplace etiquette can help them make a good impression and thrive in professional settings.

14. The value of failure: Failure is a natural part of life, and teaching them that it’s okay to fail and learn from their mistakes can foster resilience and growth mindset.

While these might be some of the things we forgot to teach our college-bound kids, it’s never too late to impart this knowledge. Whether it’s a crash course before they leave for college or ongoing conversations and support throughout their college years, we can ensure our kids are well-equipped to navigate the ups and downs of college life and beyond. After all, parenting is a continuous learning experience, and we’re all bound to forget a few things along the way.

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