What Not To Bring To College: Don’T Make These 17 Packing Mistakes

Going off to college is an exciting time, but it can also be overwhelming when it comes to deciding what to pack. Many students make the mistake of bringing unnecessary items that take up valuable space in their dorm rooms. To help you avoid common packing mistakes, here are 17 things you should not bring to college:

1. Excessive Clothing: While it is essential to have enough clothes to last a week or two, bringing your entire wardrobe is unnecessary. Dorms typically have limited closet space, so pack wisely and focus on essentials.

2. High-end Electronics: Expensive gadgets like gaming consoles, large speakers, or multiple laptops are not practical for college. The majority of your work can be done on a laptop, and gaming can be a distraction from your studies.

3. Printer: Most colleges offer printing facilities on campus, so bringing a personal printer is generally unnecessary. This will save you money on ink and the hassle of troubleshooting printer issues.

4. Books: Unless specifically required for your courses, avoid bringing a library’s worth of books. College libraries usually have resources available for your studies, and you can always rent or borrow books as needed.

5. Kitchen Appliances: Dorm rooms typically have communal kitchens or dining halls, so bulky appliances like toasters, blenders, or rice cookers are unnecessary. Stick to essential items like a microwave for convenience.

6. Excessive Toiletries: It’s easy to fill your cart with various toiletries, but remember that you can always restock your supplies when needed. Bringing large quantities of shampoo, soap, or toilet paper will only take up space.

7. Large Furniture: Dorm rooms come furnished with the basics, so there’s no need to bring additional furniture. Bulky items like couches or coffee tables will make your room cramped and difficult to navigate.

8. Bedding Sets: While having a comfortable bed is important, bringing multiple bedding sets can take up valuable storage space. Stick to one or two sets and prioritize quality over quantity.

9. Excessive Decorations: It’s natural to want to personalize your dorm room, but excessive decorations will only clutter your space. Stick to a few meaningful items that will make you feel at home.

10. Expired Medication: Double-check your medicine cabinet before packing to ensure you’re not bringing expired medications. Dispose of them properly and bring only what you’ll need for the semester.

11. Ironing Board: Ironing boards are bulky and unnecessary. If you need to iron clothes, you can use a towel on a flat surface or purchase a small portable ironing mat.

12. School Supplies in Bulk: While it’s wise to have some school supplies on hand, avoid buying in bulk. You can easily restock pens, notebooks, and other essentials throughout the semester.

13. Excessive Shoes: It’s tempting to bring all your favorite shoes, but realistically, you won’t wear them all. Be mindful of the space you have and bring a few versatile pairs that will cover all your needs.

14. Formal Attire: Unless you have specific events or occasions that require formal attire, leave your suits and fancy dresses at home. They take up a lot of space and are rarely worn in a college setting.

15. Excessive Sports Equipment: If you enjoy playing sports, limit the number of sports equipment you bring. Consider joining a club or intramural team where equipment is provided.

16. Fragile Items: College life is hectic, and accidents happen. Avoid bringing fragile items or sentimental valuables that could be easily damaged or lost.

17. Excessive Snacks: While it’s good to have some snacks on hand, bringing too much can lead to unhealthy eating habits. Stick to a few favorites and take advantage of the campus dining options.

By avoiding these packing mistakes, you’ll save space in your dorm room and make your college experience more comfortable. Remember, it’s better to underpack and buy what you need later than to bring unnecessary items that you’ll rarely use. Happy packing and best of luck in college!

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