Founded in 1919 and situated in Cairo, Egypt, the American University is a private research university that offers American-style learning programs at undergraduate, graduate, and professional levels, along with a continuing education program.

According to a statement on the institution’s website, they believe that “At The American University in Cairo (AUC), you broaden your perspective on the world. You have access to new courses, research and work-study opportunities, and extracurricular activities.

The experience you get prepares you for the job market. You gain experience that employers rate highly: you know how to adapt to new environments, work across cultures, and make your own way. We’re a community driven by excellence. Every day.”

To accomplish the goal of broadening your perspective on the world and access to new courses, research and work-study opportunities, the University offers scholarships under the Excellence Scholarship Program to outstanding students from diverse backgrounds who embody excellence and have the potential and passion to advance themselves, their communities and the world.

What Does The Scholarship Offer?

Excellence Scholarship offers;

  • 1000 scholarship opportunities for outstanding students.
  • About $34.5 million in financial assistance to students.

Who Is Eligible?

Students from all countries that make up our planet are eligible to apply for the scholarship.


Based on the scholarship category, students are ranked on a number of criteria that may Include

  • Certificate scores depending on cutoff scores for each course.
  • Submission of supportive documents
  • For some scholarships, an interview is required.
  • Applicants to the International Diversity category must apply to AUC as an international student.
  • Transfer applicants who completed less than 60 credit hours (less than two years) in an accredited university are eligible to apply for AUC Excellence Scholarship.


How To Apply

Applications are done online and applicants are expected to visit the AUC Excellence Scholarship Portal, go to the admission menu and click on Apply Now.

To know more about the other range of scholarships on offer by/at the institution, visit the portal.

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